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In this clips, Alexia talks about this lady relationship with Jason prior to discussing exactly how he try controlling and you may abusive towards the the girl

In this clips, Alexia talks about this lady relationship with Jason prior to discussing exactly how he try controlling and you may abusive towards the the girl

She together with talks about how their friends and family have been being harassed from the her “death”, and how Jason wouldn’t allow her to give some one about it

The guy and states have acquired a painful existence where his parents was indeed usually mean to help you him; your powering on the run given that a teenager, bringing a criminal background on account of tips instance underage taking, signing up for new Canadian army, risking what you to take YouTube and never becoming happy until interviewing Alexia, which have everything you supposed grand until he been faking this lady dying.

Within movies, Jason claims Alexia is actually the fresh handling one out of the relationships, generated him unfollow visitors into his social network, saying that Alexia wished brand new most of the funds from the brand new Fantasy People route which she was okay having faking their “death”

not, of several have been short so you can debunk each one of Jason’s says. Optimus get across-referenced the fresh new Toronto Cops institution “officer” one starred in Jason’s video clips and discovered the “officer” are an enthusiastic impersonator and an effective Newsweek post where Toronto Cops deny people warrant on the Jason. [20] https://datingranking.net/pl/happn-recenzja/ [21] Jason as well as states be an army veterinarian and joined right up within Amount nine. But not, many pointed away the military would not has actually anticipate Jason to sign-up because of that have a criminal background, needing good parent’s say yes to join since a small, and you will needing a knowledge of Amount 10; fundamentally Jason try seeking to discount valor.

Into the January 28, Alexia put-out a video for her route, Alexia Marano, entitled “ALEXIA Are Real time (information regarding ImJaystation)”. Out of requiring her never to go on people social networking, and receiving enraged at the her away from texts on her mobile phone of in years past. She talks about just how she noticed afraid of Jason together with to accomplish clips that have your regarding worry, about she considered isolated of their friends, and just how the guy attempted to simply take about out-of her. She as well as states one the girl dad entitled this lady to tell Jason to eradicate brand new video on the the woman fake dying, to which Jason replied which have “tell your father not to ever block my personal money! I do not score part of his business, the guy cannot rating an integral part of exploit!” and you can “why not get father to write me a keen apology letter! Just like the they are seeking take off my personal currency!”.

Jason answered because of the downloading this lady video clips, posting it onto their almost every other station Fantasy Group, and you will copyright laws saying Alexia’s movies and you will publishing several other movies called “ALEXIA MARANO Launched (The latest Crappy Edge of This lady)” into the their fundamental channel. Jason as well as exhibited movies of Alexia enabling your with his clips being Ok with it and you can a video clip off this lady contacting their fans delusional, but all these movies are being taken out of context and you will supposed to build Alexia lookup crappy.

Of numerous, not, was basically doubtful with both the solutions, some believing that one another were lying and you may faking everything to own views, anybody else believing that one another was indeed lying to save deal with.

Kavos made a video clip together with reaction to the brand new videos because of the exposing Jason as an abusive, pushy, and you will managing boyfriend. From the films, Kavos reveals DMs away from Jason in order to his old boyfriend-spouse, Aiko. In these DMs, Jason threatens and you will manipulates her to decrease out of school, mocks her along with her nearest and dearest to be bad and you can threatens in order to drip this lady info to locate this lady to save to make video with your. Immediately after not getting his method he leaked the woman matter on the Instagram. Aiko create videos out-of a phone call with him intimidating her and you will probably shell out the girl ex boyfriend-boyfriend to expose this lady in another of their films. [22]



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