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The woman is an impossible close yet without difficulty swayed individual that have good effective sexual interest and limited personal skills

The woman is an impossible close yet without difficulty swayed individual that have good effective sexual interest and limited personal skills

She actually is the newest earliest daughter out of Bob Belcher and you can Linda Belcher and the earlier sibling from Gene Belcher and Louise Belcher. This woman is into the 8th values. In the Crawl Room, she wants horses, butts, zombies, boys and creating sexual fictional from the films along with her life. She attends Wagstaff School together with her sisters.

Physical appearance

Given that remaining portion of the Belcher Family relations, Tina keeps tan surface, blue-eyes, and a black colored pan-locks clipped who’s a yellow barrette to the right front side, but whenever she operates since the woman changes pride Dina (Dinner Truckin’). Eg Linda Belcher, Tina’s sight was dysfunctional and you will she wears servings to improve brand new state. The woman level try 4’9″ – 4’11” [1] .

This lady common attire was a light blue t-shirt, a deep blue dress, light tubing socks with a purple stripe and you can black colored large-most readily useful boots that wind up as Chuck Taylor The-A-listers. Much more formal factors, Tina wears a red-colored top and black boots. She rests when you look at the a white purple top with grey bottoms and you may occasionally slippers.

This lady winter season dresses always is largely a reddish sweatshirt and you may garment more than their common blue top, but in “Dr. Yap”, if they are skiing, she wears an excellent magenta layer and you will ski shorts. When aside later in the day within the “This new House Vessel”, playing Cupid in “The latest Gene and Courtney Let you know”, even though at the horse go camping for the “The brand new Horse Driver-er”, she wears long blue jeans as opposed to their skirt.


Tina’s character are a quirky “every-girl” transitioning from youngsters to adolescence. The kid inside her still clings on to her fascination with horses, rainbows, and you can zombies if you’re this lady inner teen calls her to fantasize throughout the zombies making out (which she states is a result of enjoying “Night of new Traditions Deceased” at too young an era), and you will composing their thinking/items in her own log. She as well as writes erotic fiction regarding the the woman loved ones spicymatch hookup, associates, or any other man’s functions, and constantly ponders this lady number 1 crush, Jimmy Pesto, Jr.. She grows momentary crushes some body she deems lovely – in addition to an entire basketball party from twenty-five, such as.

A determining facet of Tina’s identity is actually their intense, precocious need for sex and relationship. However, this is proven to be a simple, age-suitable desire. The brand new extent out of the lady precociousness will be a man in love teenager that have a love of butts.

Tina’s undoubted son-craziness are a story aspect in of numerous symptoms, tend to getting the woman toward zany situations chasing after unrequited if you don’t oblivious crushes. The issue is treated directly in Just one of the Boyz cuatro Now let’s talk about Now, by which at first Tina rejects becoming son-in love, she at some point welcomes it nothing to be embarrassed out-of.

Tina is really well purpose, however, socially awkward. When voting who suffice a customers they envision is good kid molester during the “People Tissue,” Bob says it shouldn’t help Tina suffice him since the the woman is crappy with customers. Louise claims it is not their fault since she’s autistic, but Bob quickly claims Tina actually autistic. She screens bad social experiences like expanded groaning when under great pressure, covering up less than tables, naivety, muted psychological expression, speaking when you look at the a monotone, assuming everything she hears, that have a highly quick set of appeal and you can subjects and you will delivering some thing too virtually.

Plus, Tina doesn’t share feelings most obviously. Regardless of if times was harsh and you may this woman is less than tremendous quantities of (commonly worry about-induced) tension, this lady sound is obviously apartment and you can versus inflection. Even this lady groans voice disinterested.

Tina has a strong conscience and you can sense of right and you will wrong. She thinks from inside the following laws and regulations that is familiar with exactly how her steps affect anybody else. When she accidents an automobile helping Bob lay to help you a keen insurance carrier and affect burns off off an excellent man’s household when you look at the “Tinarannosaurus Wrecks”, she’s consumed having guilt up until she convinces Bob to share with the truth.



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