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Whenever Guri arrived at Rodia she are told in order to satisfy Organa within Next Chance gambling establishment

Whenever Guri arrived at Rodia she are told in order to satisfy Organa within Next Chance gambling establishment

Skeptical out of Guri, Organa had developed for the majority of coverage when it comes to Lando Calrissian and you will Chewbacca who does feel regional if you’re she and C-3PO had the Black colored Sunlight representative. The first conference reached nothing, having Guri stating you to definitely she got providers for carrying on with the an area moon and had to slice the new meeting brief, nonetheless it did log off brand new Rebels into distinctive line of perception one to there was some thing strange on Guri.

Back into Coruscant, Guri is debriefed by Xizor. Guri thought that Organa exploring Black Sunlight try unsafe and you may recommended killing her, also Calrissian, Chewbacca, C-3PO and you can anyone who know that they had visited Rodia so you’re able to get-off zero lines. But not, Xizor got almost every other agreements to possess Organa and you can informed Guri to get to know with her again and you can provide their particular in order to Coruscant so he you are going to really uncover what she know.

Whenever Guri returned to talk with Organa again, new Rebels got installed good scanner product and this rapidly affirmed their suspicions-Guri wasn’t Individual, though it cannot pick just what she is actually. Towards the scanner having were unsuccessful, Organa had C-3PO place a lying concoction inside Guri’s beverage, assured you to inside two hours she was knocked out, new Rebels you may run a closer study of their particular people and you may effects. Then did not have any feeling the two went on to exchange diplomatic quick-speak up until Guri sick of procedures and you will attempted to abduct Organa in order to feel controlled by the Calrissian, Chewbacca and you can Dashboard Rendar, who had arrived pursuing the basic fulfilling, just like the category felt like what to do. Immediately following far conversation, Organa agreed to check out Coruscant that have Guri on the Stinger, delivering Chewbacca with her. So that Organa making it on to Coruscant without having to be identified, Guri considering their particular that have Boushh’s clothing and you can head protection, and that she got remaining once his death.

Fall of Black Sunlight [ ]

Xizor tried unsuccessfully so you can entice Organa but she you are going to nevertheless show good for your since bait for Luke Skywalker. Affirmed, Skywalker concerned install a save delivering Calrissian and Rendar having your and you may linking up with Chewbacca exactly who Xizor got allowed to eliminate. However, Xizor had underestimated just how in a position to the group is. Immediately following losing two equipment out of shields, the guy purchased Guri to take Organa to your.

Organa, but not, had been wishing in the event that droid arrived. She struck Guri over the back of your Straight singles dating own direct due to the fact she joined the room, a hit who features rendered a human unconscious, however, and that only caused Guri to briefly eradicate her equilibrium. It actually was sufficient getting Organa locate exterior and you will secure the brand new doorway. As she went, Guri started to break the entranceway down. Immediately after and then make their unique way to avoid it of area, Guri gone back to Xizor therefore the a couple of her or him go-off to help you confront the latest invaders myself.

Once they ultimately caught up together with them an effective firefight broke aside. When you find yourself Skywalker deflected blaster screws along with his lightsaber, the fresh new unarmed Guri grabbed huge sofa and you can hurled it off the new passageway on them. Chewbacca try they off together with bowcaster. Understanding that these were outnumbered, Xizor retreated to your local place whenever you are Guri shielded him and you will then known as guards having copy. Because guards showed up and an excellent stalemate arranged between them groups, Guri slipped out.

A worthwhile issue [ ]

“I’m everything i are, Jedi. I do not believe there is certainly people salvation for me.” ?Guri, to help you Luke Skywalker

The fresh new Rebels escaped immediately following growing a-bomb, making merely five minutes in advance of Xizor’s Castle are missing. While they escaped, the team went into the Guri. Which have viewed their performance in the previous challenge, Guri had decided one Skywalker would be a deserving complications for her show. She certain the students Jedi so you’re able to throw out his lightsaber and you will strive unarmed. Making use of the Push, Skywalker were able to avert Guri’s periods. Temporarily losing his concentration, Skywalker was banged on flooring because of the Guri just who gone to live in struck a destroying strike. With the help of the Force he was in a position to move out-of their unique blow and you may used a base sweep to send their particular for the floor, igniting their lightsaber.



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